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Welcome to HPU Parent Portal

The parent portal provides Hartford Public Schools families online access to:

  • Dedicated parent organizers who are committed to helping families connect to programs and resources offered by Hartford Public Schools, City of Hartford, and community-based organizations/agencies in the Hartford community. Some of these vital resources include, food, housing, energy assistance, employment, education, healthcare and mental health services. 
  • A variety of online courses created by various partners for parents and students to conveniently access learning anytime, anywhere.



CT Industry Mural Michael Borders

Michael Borders is an artist who has created the "Connecticut Industry Mural" which is a 10 foot by 40 foot painting that features the counties in Connecticut, their historical and industrial output, and key players. The mural is amazingly detailed, and intricately composed, having been researched and executed over a 25 year period. We have had the privilege of seeing the original drawings for the mural and they are quite incredible. Borders has created a catalogue that accompanies the mural, documenting the process of creating.



Steam Training

Steam Innovation


Hartford Adult Education Center - English

Hartford Adult Education Center - English


Through a series of sessions/classes offered at HPU parents will be provided an opportunity to increase their knowledge on what children are learning at school, child development, advocacy, parent leadership and parenting skills.

 If you want to receive credit for these classes, please take the one minute pre and post survey below:

Not my kid

The parents will learn about drug prevention.

Knowing your parent rights

Parents will learn their rights as parents and how they could advocate for their children’s learning.

You can advocate for your child

Parents will learn how to advocate for their child’s learning.

When Good Kids Make Bad Choices

Parents will learn what they could do when good kids make bad choices.

How can parents engage in their child school

Eating Healthy Under a Budget
Active dad

Parents will learn how fathers can get involved in their children’s education and the positive effects when the do.

I am Glad I'm me

Navigating Hartford Public Schools

The parents will learn how to navigate the Hartford Public Schools system.


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